North Central Bedfordshire Growth Options Study

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Technical Reports

Representation ID: 8168

Received: 15/02/2018

Respondent: Mr Luke Anthony


GENERAL - Conclusions of study appear to have been ignored in developing preferred strategy; Scores do not appear to have informed site identification; better performing sites overlooked


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I refer to three locations - N6 (Marston Moretaine South-Lidlington-Brogborough), N7 (Lidlington South) and N8 Marston Moretaine North.
I object in that there is a clear error in how this information has been used, and therefore the result is unsound/unjustified. This should be used as one of the most important studies, yet it is clear that it has been disregarded. N8 has provided far better results, other than for deliverability, which in itself is clearly an unsound test as N8 is not 1000 metres away from land that scores a High status. It just takes a quick glance to see that N8 has more positives than the combined N6 and N7.
The key points being the effect on traffic being much greener, the environmental effects and the overall viability. Especially after seeing the recent plans on the developers website for N6 and N7.


Technical Reports

Representation ID: 14184

Received: 22/02/2018

Respondent: Countess of Erroll

Agent: GVA


Areas selected for assessment at Tempsford do not match the area being promoted nor the area being safeguarded in the consultation document and assumptions are different.


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