Employment Technical Paper [EXAM 112]

Ended on the 12 August 2020
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(2) 1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. This paper focuses on employment related issues arising from the Hearing Sessions into the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan and the subsequent letter from the Inspectors dated 30 September 2019 (EXAM 69).

1.1.2. It addresses the specific points raised by the Inspectors in relation to the proposed strategic allocations to meet footloose demand for stand-alone strategic warehousing and distribution as well as the proposed allocation of a Rail Freight Interchange (RFI), and provides an update in relation to the demand and supply of sites to meet the local plan target of a minimum of 24,000 jobs within the plan period.

1.1.3. Signposting to existing evidence, and providing updated evidence where appropriate, this paper explains the process followed resulting in the strategy as set out within the local plan, as well as why this is the most appropriate strategy for the delivery of employment across Central Bedfordshire.

1.1.4. Based upon the updated evidence, it is considered that modifications are required in order to make the plan Sound. Modifications have therefore been proposed to the employment policies within the plan as well as the strategic employment site policies. These are summarised at the end of this paper.

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