Housing Technical Paper [EXAM 113]

Ended on the 12 August 2020

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

1.1.1 This Technical Paper seeks to address the issues raised by the Inspectors within their letter (EXAM 69), dated 30th September 2019, in relation to the housing allocations proposed. It also addresses the comments raised around the Potential Future Growth Locations and Important Countryside Gaps.

1.1.2 Signposting to existing evidence, and providing updated evidence where appropriate, this Technical Paper explains the process the Council took to identify the Strategy set out within the Local Plan, and explains why this is considered to be the most appropriate Strategy for the delivery of housing across Central Bedfordshire.

1.1.3 Based upon the updated evidence, it is considered that modifications to some policies are required in order to make the Plan Sound. The modifications proposed in this Technical Paper relate to the issues raised in EXAM 69 and are included under each site heading. Further modifications to the housing allocation policies may have already been proposed or may subsequently be proposed in hearing statements or as a result of Statements of Common Ground, for example. A final schedule of all modifications will be agreed by the Inspectors in due course and will be consulted on as a statutory part of the Examination process.

1.1.4 The following proposed allocations in the Local Plan are referred to within this Technical Paper:

  • SA1 – North of Luton
  • SA2 – Marston Vale New Villages
  • SA3 – East of Arlesey
  • SA4 – East of Biggleswade
  • HAS03 – Land off Meadow View, Aspley Guise
  • HAS04 – Land at Luton Road, Barton le Clay
  • HAS09 – Land at Chapel Farm, Chalton
  • HAS20 – Land West of Midland Mainline Railway, Harlington
  • HAS24 – Land South West of the A5, Hockliffe
  • HAS25 – Land at Leighton Road, Hockliffe
  • HAS26 – A5 Watling Street, Hockliffe

1.1.5 This paper should be read alongside the Employment and Transport Technical Papers (EXAM 112 and 114, respectively).

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